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lock back knife spring

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1-30 of 919 results Page 1 of 31. Quantity: 4 or more for $15.99/ea. Jun 2, 2020 - Open Length: 7 3/8" Closed Length: 4 1/8" Blade Length: 3 1/4" Condition Note: Shows signs of pocket wear and tear. Schrade Spring Assisted Knives are about as close as you can get to an automatic knife while still being classified as a spring assist. Only 3 left in stock - order soon. Good deal for the low price of 12$. Opens and closes smoothly, wood scales nicely done, no gaps, no wobble, locks tight. MOORE MAKER SPINE MID LOCK BACK KNIFE SPRING QUEEN CUTLERY QC. Jul 7, 2020 - Open Length: 5 3/4" Closed Length: 3 1/4" Blade Length: 2 1/2" Condition Note: Shows signs of pocket wear and tear. In the case of the framelock, the liner is the handle, itself. Tac Force TF-498OC 7.75" Two Tone Spring Assisted Folding Knife. $17.99/ea. Lockback knives are among the most common and strongest pocket knives available. Gerber 06551 E-Z-Out Junior Folding Knife 2-3/8" Combo Blade, Zyt… $39.96. $13.99. If you can’t decide on a spring assisted knife from our range or just fancy a surprise then purchase one of our lucky dips. Brand New. Laguiole Nature knife with Mimosa Wood Handle . $24.99 + shipping . eBay. 10 available / 7 sold. Get the sleekest spring assisted opening knives with a flick of your hand at Knife Depot. When opened, the spine of the knife engages hooks in the tang that prevents the blade from closing. $1.09 Rectangle shaped, work hardened 302 stainless steel can be bent to fit almost any lockback folder. Lock-back security system | Model n° LBENAT12106. Either way, this is a great knife and you will be pleased with! Razor sharp blade. THICKNESS: Bulk savings: Buy 1. We also sell wholesale knives that are great for resale. C $15.18. A Linerlock is a folding knife with a side-spring lock that can be opened and closed with one hand without repositioning the knife in the hand. Tac Force TF-498RC 7.75" Red Camo Spring Assisted Folding Knife. Jun 25, 2020 - Open Length: 6" Closed Length: 3 1/4" Blade Length: 2 3/4" Condition Note: Shows signs of pocket wear and tear. Slight wobble in the blade and good snap. View our many different Folding Knives from brands such as Gerber, Karesuando Kniven and Jack Pyke. MOORE MAKER SPINE MID LOCK BACK KNIFE SPRING QUEEN CUTLERY QC. Blade appears to have been chipped at and then resharpened/reshaped at some point. Vintage ADC Panther 2000 Japan Folding Pocket Knife Lockback … FREE shipping Orders $99+. A lockback is sometimes called a spine lock because it has a metal spin that spans the entire back of the knife handle. $16.99/ea. The modern Linerlock traces its lineage to the late 19th century, but in the 1980s the design was improved by American custom knifemaker Michael Walker. The first one I bought was pinned together crooked and ground spine at a slant. Knife weight: 4oz (114gms). ADD. Value. Case 156 Lockback Folding Knife 3" Closed, Black Case Caliber Syn… $19.46. Tac Force TF-509 8" Rainbow Spring Assisted Folding Knife. Kobalt 2 Piece Quick Change Folding Lockback Utility Knife Box Cutter +52 Blades 5.0 out of 5 stars 30. ADD. C $1.30. Lockback knives are also popular. $17.95 Save 18% . We carry real italian stilettos, cheap stiletto knives, butterfly knives, push button automatics, side opening automatic knives, switchblade knives, brass knuckles and hunting knives. This knife was definitely not worth the $50. BlackFox Outdoor Liner-lock folding pocket knife. To close the blade, press the lever in or to either side. Aug 19, 2020 - Open Length: 7 3/4" Closed Length: 4 3/8" Blade Length: 3 3/8" Condition Note: Shows signs of pocket wear and tear. The knife worked but I can’t accept such an obvious mistake. To close the knife, push down on the exposed part of the spine (usually found in the middle or rear of the handle) to pop up the part of the spine in contact with the blade. Rather than referring to a specific knife pattern, the Lockback pocket knife is more of a knife category. The full flat-ground M390 blade is supported by a sturdy back lock mechanism. Category: Folding & Lockback Knives. In Stock. $9.99. Lockback knives have a metal piece on the top of the handle that releases the blade from a locked position. This is the kind of flaw you feel on a $10 gas station knife. Vintage Sharp Brand Model 300 Lockblade Folding Hunter Pocket Knife Japan Nice. Estimate Shipping * Add to cart. History. Quantity : 259 259,00 € in stock. The lock can be released to close the knife by depressing the spring-loaded lever on the top edge of the handle. Our regular mystery box was so popular we thought we would make it more specific to the knife type. $19.24. Buy 3 . Ligne 1 Line 2 (optionnal) Save. I'm definitely concerned the Pursuit's spring bar will slip out of one of the plastic notches it seat in from wear or stress. In Stock. Time left 4d 2h left. .062" thick x .120" wide x 6" long. Next. No wobble in the blades, great snap. Popular knife types include the stiletto knife, often referred to as the switchblade knife. Tac Force TF-547WD 12.5" Wood Stiletto Spring Assisted Folding Knife. ADD TO CART. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Pre-Owned. $13.99. Almost gone . The lock is self-adjusting for wear. ROUGH RIDER WOOD HANDLE FOLDING POCKET KNIFE LOCK-BACK **RAZOR SHARP** BLADE. I just don't understand the cheap spring-bar approach. Lockback. No wobble in the blade, great snap. NEW!! $29.95 Save 25% . 7 INCH SMITH & WESSON LINER-LOCK FOLDING KNIFE WITH POCKET CLIP RAZOR SHARP. Lock-Back Folding Knife Kit Instructions 58600 Please read these instructions completely before beginning. Click now to browse of our huge selection. From coil springs for switchblade replacement to knife spring pocket cutting tools for automatic knife conversions, we have the automatic knife making tools and parts that you need. Jun 30, 2020 - Open Length: 8 1/8" Closed Length: 4 7/8" Blade Length: 3 1/4" Condition Note: Shows little sign of pocket wear and tear. Easy to file for proper fitting of width or thickness for proper tension adjustment. No wobble in the blade, great snap. Excellent quality knife with razor Sharp blade. ADD. Lockback Spring Stock. Customers who bought this item also bought. Lifetime warranty . £ 24.99 £ 19.99 Join Waiting List. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . In both designs the liner inside the knife is spring-loaded to engage the rear of the blade when open and thus hold it in place. For your safety, cover the edge with several layers of masking tape before you begin working on your custom knife kit. No cracks or chips in the handle. Razor sharp blade. Obviously the spring design, material or tempering is definitely not idiot proof if a customer can easily stress it beyond the yield point without any knife disassembly. No wobble in the blade, great snap. Includes lanyard hole, pocket clip & Brown leather sheath. One … Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller From United States. Slight wobble in the blade, great snap. And there's always … In contrast to liner locking knives, the lever to disengage a lockback knife is on the backside of the open knife. This basically means that any knife that incorporates a locking mechanism with the back-spring is considered a lock-back. Value. EA Co Wide: 106 in Cart. Rough Rider Wood handle Lock-back folding knife. The blade is deployed by either the thumb stud (spring assist) or you can push the button on the spine of the knife and it opens automatically. VALOR MINI STILETTO KNIFE KNIVES MADE IN JAPAN LOCKBACK DRAGON BULL FIGHTER. Brands like Benchmade and Cold Steel have also created their own specialized locking systems like the Benchmade AXIS Lock and Cold Steel's Tri-Ad Lock. Sort by: Otter Mercator Solingen K55 Black Cat Knife German, Carbon Steel,… $39.99. Tac Force TF-469 7" Wood Spring Assisted Folding Knife. Tweet Share Google+ . To fold the blade back into the knife, the lockbar has to be moved away from the tang to its original position. Kobalt Speed Release Folding Lock-Back Utility Knife with 10 Blades 3.8 out of 5 stars 17. $7.99. $25.95 Save 35% . Knife weight: 6.8oz (194gms). ADD TO … Sep 17, 2019 - Closed Length: 4.125" Open Length: 7.3" Blade Length: 3.1" Weight: 3.6oz Condition Note: Blade shows heavy signs of use. In Stock. Please have a look around and if you can't find what you're looking for have a look in our fixed knife category for fixed knives. 1 bid. The classic Lockback knife configuration dates back the 1600's and still produced on a very large scale to this day. A lockback knife is a type of folding knife that has a special feature: a locking mechanism that holds the blade firmly in place on the handle when the blade is fully extended. The Swiss Army knife product range has adopted dual linerlocks on their 111 mm models. BLACKFOX OUTDOOR LOCKBACK FOLDING KNIFE RAZOR SHARP LEATHER SHEATH MADE IN ITALY. Free shipping. ADD. I like this knife, it is slender and small but not too small, has a 3” lock-back blade. After saving your customized product, remember to add it to your cart. Condition: New. 2-1/4" Lightweight Lockback Knife, Drop Point Blade, Length Closed: 3-1/8", Material: Stainless Steel Blade, Aluminum Handle, Color: Silver ... 10-22, Adjustable Spring-Loaded UTP/Wire Stripper In The Back, & Hole Stripper That Uses The Main Blade,... Show More. Cool pocket knives are nothing without secure locking mechanisms, like popular liner and frame locks. Hand Tools Knives & Scissors Folding & Lockback Knives $ 49.95. We are a leading online automatic knife dealer. In collaboration with them, Spyderco has taken this knife to the next level by adding the fully accessible Trademark Round Hole and a tip-up wire clip. Free shipping . Assembling A Lock-Back Folder - Duration: 10 ... SCHA3BS Schrade Spring Assisted Opening Pocket Knife - Best Assisted Opening Pocket Knife - … The blade is housed in brown canvas Micarta handle scales, skeletonized full titanium liners, and a stainless steel backspacer. 1 product rating - 9" Stiletto Milano Style Spring Assisted Folding Knife . $9.99. Retains memory. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Buy 2. … At KnifeKits, we offer an extensive line of automatic knife tools and replacement switchblade parts for DIY automatic knife making and repair. It’s essentially made of a “spine” on a spring. $11.99. Favorite. In Stock. Check out our weight test of knife locking mechanisms. The pressure of the lockbar, also called a leaf spring, prevents the blade from moving. 9" Stiletto Milano Style Spring Assisted Folding Knife . $9.99. Gerber US1 Folding Knife 2.6" Black Blade, GFN Handles with Rubbe… $22.00. $19.49. Sometimes, new springs have to be made from scratch & then properly heat-treated & tempered to work correctly. Changing a Spring on a Schrade lock back Discussion in 'Maintenance, Tinkering & Embellishment' started by BA_Colt, Nov 23, ... when spare parts are hard or impossible to come by) involve some pretty intense re-working (including taking the knife apart). When the knife is opened, the spine locks into a notch on the back of the blade. $15.99 Save 18% . $19.99/ea. Item Information. ADD TO CART . We put Liner Locks, Frame Locks, and Lock Backs to the test and see how many pounds they can hold. Personalized engraving of the blade (+ 5,12 €) Initiales Font. Be aware that the blade comes sharpened. A lock back mechanism is what you see on many classic American folding knives. Remove the tape after assembly is complete; if necessary, remove any adhesive residue with hot, soapy water or acetone. Most of our spring assisted knives retail at £24.99 so you can save £5, we will only send out the more expensive ones to you. I would like the spring to be better material and temper so as shipped strength can be reduced and the triad lock design modified to provide a stop for the lock release lever so it is impossible to overstress the spring. 5.0 out of 5 stars.

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