A Complete List of Rotavator Brands in India

Patiala Gasket Industries

Patiala Gasket Industries is headquartered in Patiala, the royal city of Punjab. The company is one of the leading manufacturers of rotavators and other agriculture machinery in India. Since the last 60 years, the company has taken care of the Indian farmer’s agriculture needs with best-in-class and affordable agriculture machinery. In addition to supplying agriculture equipment, Patiala Gasket Industries is also a leading name in the Railway and Chemical Industries.

Amar Agriculture Machinery Group

With 150 dealers across the country, Amar Agriculture is one of the top Indian rotavator brands in the market. The company is dedicated to manufacturing farming equipment for various agriculture operations, be it seeding or tiling. Apart from helping the Indian farmers meet their farming ends. Amar Agriculture also exports its machines and tractor accessories across the globe.

Bellota Agrisolutions

Bellota Agrisolutions is the top manufacturer and supplier of farming machinery in five different continents. With its plants spread across six different countries including Spain, India, the US, Canada, and Brazil, Bellota Agriculture is ruling the worldwide farming scene. With years of experience in the industry, Bellota Agricultures offers an extensive range of spare parts and farming accessories such as seed drills, disc harrows, cultivators, chisels, plows, and rotavators.

Advanced Agrotech

Advanced Agrotech is among the top rotavator brands in India with its headquarter in Andhra Pradesh. The company manufactures a wide range of farming equipment for different types of corps. Whether you want a rice transplanter for your rice corp or a simple zero leveling machine for wheat, Advanced Agrotech will provide you with the best type of equipment you need to fulfill your requirements.

Inspire Exports

Inspire Exports has been serving the Indian agriculture market since 1986. What started as a small manufacturing plant has now turned into one of the well-known garden equipment and rotavator brands in India. Since the company has completed three decades in the agriculture world, they have the best lineup of rotavators, tillers, and other agriculture equipment. The products are manufactured with a vision to offer high durability and advanced functionality to handle every requirement of a farmer.

Chetak Agro Industries

Chetak Agro Industries is an Unnao-based manufacturing company that was established with a vision to help the Indian farmer with world-class agriculture tools and equipment. The company manufactures various agriculture equipment including rotavators, threshers, cultivators, etc. As of now, Chetak Agro Industries offers nation-wide shipping. It means that it doesn’t matter which state you are in, the company will ship the product to your doorstep.

Atlantis Gears Pvt. Ltd.

Located in Gujarat India, Atlantis Gears Pvt. Ltd. is one of the pioneer brands that offer state-of-the-art agriculture machinery. While the company also manufactures automobile spare parts, it’s better known for its footprints in the agricultural world. The most popular products from Atlantis Gears include rotavators, tiller gearboxes, mini tractor accessories, shaft & gears, etc.

Nabhkiran Agro Industries

Nabhikran Agro Industries is one of the growing manufacturers that’s currently located in Amargarh, Punjab. The company designs high-quality tractor and agriculture equipment, starting from tractor driven combines to rotavators and shafts. If you are looking for an affordable rotavator brand in Punjab, Nabhkiran Agro Industries is the most suitable option.

Vijay Lakshmi Agriculture Pvt. Ltd.

Vijay Lakshmi Agriculture Private Limited is a Haryana based manufacturer that is working with the goal of providing value for money products to the Indian farmers. The company has a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant backed by advanced manufacturing technologies. VLA has focused on meeting the modern demands on Indian farmers by providing high performing agriculture machinery at a pocket-friendly price. With its manufacturing plant located on the outskirts of Karnal Haryana, VLA distributes its products across the nation.

Vinod & Company

Vinod & Company is yet another Punjab-based manufacturer that supplies tractor accessories across the country. Whether you want to buy a rotavator or regular knapsack sprayers, Vinod & Company can provide you the best-in-class farming equipment.

Harihar Agro Enterprises

Harihar Agro Enterprises was established back in 1982. Now, that the company is about to complete four successful decades in the industry, it has become the top Indian rotavator brand in the market. Harihar Agro Enterprises is one of the leading manufacturers & exporters of agricultural machinery such as rotavators, reapers, turbine pumps, multi-board plow, multi-crop threshers, seed drills, etc.

Farm Agro

Farm Agro has been established as one of the leading agro equipment manufacturers and suppliers in India. Located in Chandigarh, India, Farm Agro has recently stepped into the agricultural world. However, within a very short time span, the company has managed to gain the trust of their customers, all thanks to the exceptional customer service they offer. Farm Agro is most likely to become the top Indian rotavator brand in the coming years.

Bedico Automotives

Bedico Automotives was established almost two decades back in Ludhiana, Punjab. Today, it runs four different businesses under the same name. Bedi Automotives is the top manufacturers and exporters of all types of agriculture tools including blades, shafts, rotavators, threshers, power tillers, etc. The company has an experienced team of technical experts who have managed to showcase its vision by developing the best agriculture equipment in India.

Ganesh Agro Equipment

With its 50 years of experience in the agriculture industry, Ganesh Agro Equipment has become one of the best rotavator brands in India. As of now, the company is exporting its products to 20 states. In its journey of a half-century, Ganesh Agro has successfully managed to reach the benchmark of 40,000 satisfied customers.

Shree Charbhuja Agro Engineering

Established back in 1984, Shree Charbhuja Agro Engineering is a reliable rotavator brand in India. It is also one of the top manufacturers and distributors of agriculture supplies including Rotary Tillers, Automatic Disc Plough, Cultivators, Offset Disc Harrows, Automatic Seed Drills. Under the supervision of experienced technical engineers, the workforce ensures to pay attention to precision and quality with every product they manufacture.

RajShakti Engineers

RajShakti Engineers is an international supplier of rotary tillers, rotavators, shafts, and other agriculture equipment. The company is headquartered in Rajkot, Gujrat, with manufacturing plants across the country. Their products are known for exceptional performance and high sturdiness, giving them a longer life.